Why Draw?

Humans were drawing pictures on the cave walls in ancient history, but why?
There are many theories, and it must have been an early form of communication, a predecessor to written language. But maybe drawing those hunters and animals was just really fun!

Prehistoric Cave Painting

All of my blockprints start as a pencil drawing. I have loved to draw since I was 2 years old, and there is still nothing more exciting to me than a blank piece of paper and a sharp pencil.

Here’s one of my earliest pencil drawings

As a youngster I liked to draw knights and castles.

I have learned a lot since those early days, but I have gained very little insight as to why I draw. If it is an attempt at immortality, it probably won’t work! For me, the beauty of art is the complete lack of strict rules, and the uniqueness of the results.
You can learn or teach some techniques and knowledge of tools or materials, but ultimately the love and talent is with us from birth.

I believe anything drawn with love and integrity can hold great value, whether it is a sketch on a napkin, or an accomplished piece.

But why?

I still don’t claim to know the answer, but it sure is fun!